Livestock and Forage Management

Representing roughly 100 million dollars annually towards Panola County’s agriculture related dollars make livestock a leading revenue source for Panola County. With forages representing an additional 15 million; combined, both sectors represent roughly 57% of Panola Counties total dollar Ag. value. With projected fed cattle prices to continue a downward price trajectory, it will be critical for area beef producers to implement management practices in there operations that will either increase the value of animals sold or decrease cost of production.
In efforts to support educational efforts for area producers, the Panola County Beef and Forage Committee in conjunction with Panola AgriLife Extension enlists the support of not only Texas A&M AgriLife Specialist but also seek assistance from industry experts to develop and conduct Quarterly Industry Breakfast meetings in conjunction with multi-county day seminars, night clinics and field days throughout the year to support area producers in selecting the correct management options to increase returns on investments during the current and foreseeable future.

All program efforts for area Livestock and forage producers can be located under the following pages

Educational program for area Livestock and forage producers – Events page

Quarterly newsletter – Newsletters page

Livestock and Forage related publication – Publications page

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