Clarissa’s PSA’s on KGAS

April 2021


4/7/21 Breakfast Matters 

You’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day- and that’s true for both kids and adults. When kids don’t get breakfast they don’t get nutrients that their bodies need to be at their best- in more ways than one. Students who eat breakfast actually perform better in the classroom, too.

  • Breakfast doesn’t have to mean traditional foods- dinner leftovers are fine!
  • Give them foods they like. No foods are off-limits, just keep portion size in mind and try and sneak in healthier options when you can (like mixing some low-sugar whole gran cereal in with their existing favorite-
  • Consider their growth and activity levels. Physically active kiddos will need more throughout the day.
  • Try and offer healthy choices even when you’re on the run. Prepare portable snacks like trail mix, whole grains, or pre-cut fruits/vegetables.
  • Lastly- don’t forget to check the label then you’re buying foods. Look for options that are nutrient-dense and don’t offer a lot of salt or added sugars.

For more info on nutritious food choices, visit or

4/14/21 Shake up your veggie game 

Eating vegetables doesn’t have to be like pulling teeth. If you or your family struggle with getting the 2-3 recommended veggie servings/day, keep listening. Here are some tips for you on shaking up your veggie game.

Just like Bubba says in Forrest Gump, shrimp is the fruit of the sea! Well veggies are the fruit of the soil! You can barbecue them, boil them, broil them, bake them, sauté them, and more!

Try fresh, frozen, canned or dried veggies! They all count toward your daily recommended intake goal.

Use natural flavors like herbs and spices- get your family involved in smelling and tasting different spices and herbs. Make your own seasoning cocktails!

I hope this helped give you an idea of ways to shake up your veggie game. For more information visit the fruits and veggies channel on youtube, or



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