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Formula Shortage Resources:

AgriLife Today News Release: Texas A&M AgriLife experts recommend pediatric advice on infant formula

FDA News Release: FDA Encourages Importation of Safe Infant Formula and Other Flexibilities to Further Increase Availability

Fact Sheet: Helping Families Find Formula during the Infant Formula Shortage

HealthyChildren.Org (From the American Academy of Pediatrics): What can I do if I can’t find formula?  and Information on Imported Formulas

Other Resources:

Local WIC Office 903-693-9331
Your Pediatrician

Panola Pride 3/17/2022: Making the Most of your Food Dollar

Food Dollar Resources

From Clarissa Moon’s Desk

2/2/22 Heart Health Month- Look for the Heart check mark!

February is American Heart Month, show your heart some extra love this season by looking for the heart-check mark. I’m Clarissa Moon here to explain it all for you, with help from the American Heart Association. continue reading….


From Lee Dudley’s Desk

11/3/21  Watch For Cold Stress in Cattle

Transitioning to November here in Texas, we see an increase in cold fronts, with our first killing frost normally accruing later this month. As the temperatures start to drop, the colder weather brings many challenges for beef cattle producers. continue reading…

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