Clarissa’s PSA’s

Walk Across Texas!

Hey Panola County, you want to hear a fun fact? The state of Texas is 832 miles wide! Wouldn’t it be cool if you could walk across the entire state without actually spending the approximately 16,000 minutes out on Texas roads dodging roadkill and sweating profusely? Well today is your lucky day, because I’ve got a solution to your walking woes. I’m Clarissa Moon with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension here with your Moon Minute.

This fall, join me in a virtual journey across Texas by joining the Walk Across Texas team fitness challenge. Walk Across Texas is a free program promoting individual and group wellness with a team-based challenge. If you are into any form of exercise such as gardening, dancing, or chasing your dog around the yard, you can use those minutes of activity to help get your team across Texas! Even if you don’t currently exercise and are looking for a little motivation, Walk Across Texas is the program for you! What you do is you grab 3-7 friends, and log your minutes of activity with a team captain or in the online portal. Over the course of 8 weeks, you will have collectively walked across the state of Texas!

It’s free and it’s fun, and there’s a chance to win some nifty prizes! Plus you’ll get bad jokes and good encouragement from yours truly every week! To learn more, visit or, then sign up at HowdyHealth.Org. Thanks for listening to the Moon Minute and I look forward to seeing you somewhere between here and El Paso!


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